Border Fees, Charges and Taxes—2014 Review

Submission Overview

The ECA is aware that fees for the processing of Declarations charged by Customs increased significantly on 1 January 2014, following the Federal Budget for 2013/2014 and that, more recently, the regime of fees payable to the Department of Agriculture for export inspections has also been amended.

The ECA understands that in both cases, the rationale for the changes has been to ensure that fees to be charged to allow for full "cost recovery" of the costs associated with the provision of the relevant services. Accordingly, on the assumption that the fees being charges are only charged to "cost recover", the ECA is concerned that the Review will not actually deliver any changes to the charges, as any move now away from cost recovery could be construed as being a subsidy by Government contrary to the principle of the WTO Agreement Subsidies and Countervailing Measures.

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