National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities - 2017 Submission


Submission Overview

Australia is a high-cost country, with a small domestic market, and is a significant distance from its major export markets. Australian businesses face significant challenges when competing internationally and it is imperative that domestic policy settings enhance, rather than limit, their competitivess. Getting infrastructure and supply chains right is a key part of this.

In summary, the ECA recommends the National Freight and Supply Chain strategy prioritise:
  • minimising the cost of getting goods to and through ports/airports, including by ensuring the ACCC closely oversees infrastructure access, pricing and services;
  • reducing regulatory costs and barriers to trade by developing a single window for trade that incorporates the domestic supply chain and can also in the future link to similar systems in other countries
  • developing a meaningful international benchmarking and national performance framework, and ensure cross-industry monitoring, across multiple locations
  • embracing technological advances that will help drive future efficiencies, and enable new business models.
    Given the importance of infrastructure on Australia’s international competitiveness, the ECA recommends the Australian Government seek greater input from exporters and importers on infrastructure planning and prioritisation.

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