Barriers to growth in Australian services exports—2015 PC Review

Submission Overview

The ECA welcomes the opportunity to provide input into the Productivity Committee’s Review into barriers to Australia’s services exports.

There is significant potential to increase Australia’s services exports and the ECA fully supports efforts by the Government to open new market opportunities and provide necessary assistance to companies wanting to expand internationally. Services exporters face unique challenges that arguably have not been well addressed through traditional trade liberalising mechanisms, such as FTAs, in the past.

The ECA is pleased, however, to note that greater focus has been placed on non-tariff outcomes in recent FTAs and that the government is jointly leading the Trade in Services

Agreement (TiSA) negotiations, which, when concluded, will ultimately improve market access and introduce new trade rules in areas where there has been significant development since the WTO Uruguay Round of negotiations.

However, as articulated in the ECA’s 2013/14 TPR, ‘international competitiveness begins at home’and there are issues that can be addressed in the domestic policy context, which will help Australia achieve growth in services exports.

In this submission the ECA provides a number of recommendations based on evidence gathered through the AIBS, ECA research, case studies and anecdotal evidence, which we trust will be of assistance to the Productivity Commission in its review.


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