Proposed Defence Trade Controls Amendment Bill 2015—2015 Submission to DECO

Submission Overview

The ECA supports the proposed amendments to the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 (the Act) will introduce new regulation affecting the defence industry, dual-use industries and the science and research sector. It will include the introduction of strengthened export controls around supply, publication and brokering of items listed in the Defence and Strategic Goods List.

The ECA is pleased that the Department of Defence is working with stakeholders through the Strengthened Export Controls Steering Group (SECSG) to balance the risks and costs associated with the Amendment Bill’s implementation. The ECA is also pleased that SECSG is again working with stakeholders to produce training, detailed guidance and tools to help industry, universities, and research organisations to understand their obligations. This educational outreach is essential given the inherently complex nature of defence export regulation and the need for businesses to be properly informed of any changes that may affect their business operations.

The ECA understands that the existing legislation does not adequately address new security threats that stem from modern communication methods and the non-physical export of controlled goods and technology. Amending the Act without adding to the regulatory burden already imposed will no doubt be a challenge. While supportive of the Bill, the ECA believes it is imperative that the Government finds the appropriate balance so that Australian exporters are not overburdened with regulation and costs that impede on their international competitiveness.

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