Exposure Drafts of Customs Regulations 2015—2015 Submission to DIBP

Submission Overview

The ECA would be grateful if Customs could advise on the nature of its planned "outreach" or "engagement" with the trading community in relation to the changes to be effected though the New Regulations. As Customs would be aware, the Current Regulations have been in place for a significant period of time and provide an important underlying set of provisions governing the operation of parties under the Customs Act 1901. Established practices, case law and knowledge have accrued over that period of time which may now be swept aside and disregarded with the implementation of the New Regulations. Notwithstanding that the intent of Customs is only benign, the changes will create some degree of uncertainty. Accordingly, the ECA is of the view that the provisions of the New Regulations should be the subject of extensive engagement with those affected (directly or indirectly) by the New Regulations.

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