Australia's International Business Survey (AIBS)

Five years ago, the Export Council of Australia (ECA), the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), and the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (Efic) recognised that Australian businesses, industry and government would benefit from in-depth longitudinal research into the behaviours and patterns of Australian exporters and launched Australia’s International Business Survey (AIBS).

Entering its fourth year, AIBS has become the largest survey of its kind into the international behaviour of Australian companies. We hope it will continue to provide a better understanding of the characteristics of Australian exporters, and help us explore ways to better assist them in their international activities.

We are pleased to announce a new academic partner joining the team this year, UTS Business School.


AIBS 2017

Now in its fourth edition, AIBS is one of the country’s largest and most in-depth surveys of internationally-active Australian businesses.

The 2017 results are in, the data has been analysed, and you can now find out what the state of play is for Australia’s international businesses.

Here is a preview:

  • Over 1,000 Australian businesses were surveyed, 93% of which were involved in exporting, 48% in importing, 23% in other international activities, and 19% in two-way investment;
  • China (23%), the United States (22%) and New Zealand (12%) were the most important markets for respondents, by international revenue;
  • Businesses are ambitious with three-quarters of survey respondents planning to expand to new markets in the next two years, of which 37% are aiming for 1-3 new markets, 30% for 4-10 new markets, and 6% for 11 or more new markets. 
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AIBS 2016

On behalf of the Export Council of Australia (ECA), Austrade and Efic I would like to sincerely thank all the companies that participated in the Australia’s International Business Survey (AIBS) survey late last year. Your ongoing support of AIBS has greatly assisted the ECA over the years so that we can support our members.

The results are NOW in, the data has been analysed and YOU can now find out what the state of play is for Australia’s international businesses.

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AIBS 2015

Capturing data from more than 1,200 Australian businesses, AIBS 2015 reflects the opinions of a wide range of firms from 19 sectors (and 93 subsectors) operating in 114 overseas markets.

AIBS 2015 provides detailed information on:

  • the demographics of participating businesses including size, experience and the role of international earnings
  • the nature of their engagement with the global economy
  • the overseas markets they currently operate in
  • the barriers they face in accessing those markets
  • the economies they are targeting for future business
  • their understanding of, and demand for, free trade agreements
  • their approach to international marketing
  • domestic factors influencing their international competitiveness, including their ability to access finance.
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AIBS 2014

AIBS 2014 – Australia’s International Business Survey 2014 – is the most comprehensive investigation into Australian international business activity in more than 15 years. Capturing data from more than 1,600 Australian exporters, the report provides unique insights from a diverse range of businesses – small, medium, and large; primary, secondary and tertiary.

It manages to capture the opinions of a significant slice of Australian companies with international experience, operating across more than 120 markets, with a strong representation from the manufacturing sector (31 per cent) and services sector (58 per cent).

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