The 7-Stage Export Roadmap

The 7-Stage Export Roadmap is a comprehensive training program for exporters. The Export roadmap is a compilation of 21 training modules that walk exporters through each step of the export journey.  Each stage will be released separately and can be purchased as a stage or in individual modules. 
You can find a breakdown of each stage below:

Stage 1 - Assess Capabilities and Capacity 

Course 1: Consider, Why Export? 
Course 2: Review your business capabilities & capacity
Course 3: Review your offering 
Available for purchase here

Stage 2 - Developing your Core Export Skills Part 1 

Course 4: Business Plan and Government Support 
Course 5: Pitching for Success 
Course 6: Risk Management 
Available for purchase here

Stage 3 - Developing your Core Export Skills Part 2 

Course 7: Legal, Contracts and IP 
Course 8: Freight Logistics and Supply Chain 
Course 9: Pricing and Finance 
Available for purchase here

Stage 4 - Export Marketing Plan 

Course 10: Market Research and Entry Strategies 
Course 11: Export Marketing Plan 
Course 12: Visiting the Market 
Available for purchase here

Stage 5 - Entering the Market 

Course 13: Launch Strategy 
Course 14: Monitor and Evaluate Strategies 
Course 15: Managing Expectations 
Available for purchase here

Stage 6 - Export Review Progress 

Course 16: Review Supply Chain
Course 17: Review Sales and Marketing 
Course 18: Measuring and Monitoring Success
Released in March 2021 

Stage 7 - Advanced Exporters 

Course 19: Reviewing your Export Positions 
Course 20: Expanding to New markets 
Course 21: Financing for Growth 
Released in March 2021 

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