International Business Strategy

Before setting off on your international journey you should be prepared.

While new export markets open up a whole new world of customers for your product or service, it is different to trading locally.

By being prepared and aware of the pitfalls, your chances of sustaining long term growth in new markets are enhanced, and the risk of losses is reduced.

Being prepared will also allow you to co-manage your existing domestic customer base while building a new one offshore.

Once you have your plan, be prepared to use it, and also to adjust it as circumstances change.

If you would like an International Business expert to review your strategy, the ECA offers this service for FREE to our business members.

Please submit the form using the SUBMIT button and we will be in touch to arrange a one on one consultation.

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Section 2 – History
Section 3 – Products and Services
Section 4 – Current Sales and Marketing Strategy
Section 5 – Export Analysis
Section 6 – Entry Checklist
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Section 7 – Risk Management Plan
Section 8 – Export Growth Projection
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