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The Export Council of Australia (ECA) has recognised the benefit of offering online training programs which allow flexible learning options for companies or individuals to enhance their skills and ability to export at their own pace and time.

These interactive modules offer videos, audio, case studies, business scenarios, quizzes and activities to reflect on the content learnt. This allows students to directly apply the learned knowledge to specific businesses, making the overall learning experience even more powerful.

The ECA’s programs provide training to companies across the spectrum of international business experience, from pre-export to well-seasoned. Our key online courses are the following:

Course - The 7-Stage Export Roadmap:

This course consists of a total of 21 Modules, spread over 7 stages. You are able to purchase single Modules or entire stages, based upon your preferences and existing knowledge. With the Modules in Stage 1 being interlinked, these Modules will be sold as a bundle.

Stage 1 ‘Assess Capabilities & Capacity’:

Course 1: Consider, Why Export?
Course 2: Review your business capabilities & capacity
Course 3: Review your offering

An ‘Export Readiness Checklist’ will be included throughout this Stage 1, ultimately giving you a score out of 25. Upon completion, we will inform you on how export-ready your business really is and advise you on the next possible steps on your export journey.
Each Module will take between 30-45 minutes to complete.
You can purchase Stage 1 here.

Stage 2 'Developing your Core Skills Part 1'

Course 4: Business Plan and Government Support
Course 5: Pitching for Success
Course 6: Risk Management

You can purchase each course separately or the entire Stage 2 here.

Stage 3 'Developing your Core Skills Part 2'

Course 7: Legal, Contracts and IP
Course 8: Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain
Course 9: Pricing and Finance

You can purchase each course separately or the entire Stage 3 here.

Stage 4 'Export Marketing Plan'

Course 10: Market Research and Entry Strategies
Course 11: Export Marketing Plan
Course 12: Visiting the Market

You can purchase each course separately or the entire Stage 4 here.

Stage 5 'Entering the Market'

Course 13: Launch Strategies
Course 14: Monitor and Evaluate Strategies
Course 15: Managing Expectations

You can purchase each course separately or the entire Stage 5 here.

Course - Positioning for Growth:

Learn how to advance your business strategy and plan for the ever changing future. The ‘Positioning for Growth’ course consists of 3 comprehensive training to guide your navigate the new normal of business:

1. How is your business placed right now?
2. Review the impact on the business segments and stakeholders
3. Reimagining the path forward

Through listening to conversations of business leaders who navigated the uncertainty of 2020, the ‘Positioning for Growth’ course aims to get you thinking about your business and industry in new ways.

Through the 3 courses, you will learn:

  • To objectively review your current position and know where you are at, in order to plan the way forward;
  • To review the external factors potentially affecting your supply and sales channels and begin to plan to reposition;
  • You will look at digital marketing in the new normal, financing for success and look forward to opportunity.

Each module will take between 60-75 minutes to complete.
To maximise the value of this training program, you will be given a questionnaire for your self-evaluation upon completion of each Module to reflect on what you had just learnt, directly applying it to your business.

The price to complete the three courses is $150.00 for non-members and a 20% discount for members.

Feel free to browse all our online training offerings here.

We are always here to help you. Contact Jun on 02 8243 7400 or at to get in contact.

Online Training Partnerships:

The ECA has developed courses in conjunction with Industry bodies to offer specific online industry training courses. These courses allow students to gain a greater understanding of the export challenges in their particular industry.

These programs include:


AusVeg and the Export Council of Australia have developed training to assist Australian fruit and vegetable growers in understanding how to plan and commence exporting prescribed goods. For more information contact AusVeg via their website.

METS Export Readiness Training program:

Mackay Isaac Whitsunday METS export Hub and the ECA have developed training to build the knowledge and confidence to further advance the export strategies of those involved in the exporting of Mining Equipment Technology and Services.

Other previous course offerings include:

Going Global course hosted by Open Learning

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